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(These must be agreed to and signed before any Bouncy Castle is released)

Hirer’s Obligations

It is the responsibility of the person who hires the Bouncy Castle (including the blower and any other equipment hired) to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid damage to the Bouncy Castle or injury to the users.  Please make sure that the following safety instructions and rules are followed:

1.    A responsible adult aged 18 years or over must supervise the use of the Bouncy Castle at all times.

2.    No adults or animals are permitted on the Bouncy Castle.

3.    No shoes, food, jewellery or other sharp objects are permitted on the Bouncy Castle.

4.    If any food, face paint or other material gets left on the Bouncy Castle, please wipe it clean immediately with a damp cloth and dry it with a towel to prevent injury.

5.    We reserve our right to charge for professional cleaners if necessary.

6.    No smoking or flammables on or near the Bouncy Castle.

7.    No jumping on to and hanging off the walls and netting of the Bouncy Castle.

8.    No jumping on the entry step or slide base as these are for entry and exit purposes only.

9.    No somersaults, wrestling, fighting or behaviour which could cause injury is permitted on the Bouncy Castle.

10.  No jumping on the Bouncy Castle during inflation and deflation.

11.  We will set up the Bouncy Castle and remove it at the end of your hireage period. Please ensure that the ground is flat and debris free. There also needs to be a metre clear each side of the castle and above the top of the castle.

12.  Do not allow the blower to get wet at any time.

13.  The number and age limits of the children stated in the Bouncy Castle description needs to be respected to avoid injury and damage.

14.  If the weather is unacceptable for the Bouncy Castles to be safely operated we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the booking due to safety issues.

15.  The Bouncy Castle must not be used in the rain.  In the event of high winds or rain please get the children off the castle and turn off the blower. We reserve our right to pack up early in the event of rain. There will be no refund in this event.

16.  Cancellations:  If your booking is cancelled for wind or rain there is no cost to you.   Otherwise If you cancel less than 4 days before the booked day you will forfeit your deposit.  If you cancel just when we arrive to set-up you will be charged the full booking fee.

17.  In the event of any substantial damage (such as punctures, rip or tears) to the Bouncy Castle the full cost of a professional repair will be charged to the hirer.

18.  Do not move Bouncy Castles from the set up point.

19.  In the event that the blower stops working, please ensure that all users get off the Bouncy Castle immediately.  You will need to check that the blower tube or deflation tube has not come undone or that something has not blown into it and is obstructing the blower. 

20.  In the event that the blower overheats or loses power, please ensure that the blower is switched off at the mains and inform us immediately.

21.  Please note that prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

22.  Please see to avoid any inconvenience.

23. Customer Assistance Discount.  From time to time Bouncy Monkeys offers discount at booking time to customers who agree to help unload their hired bouncy castle from the trailer, unpack and setup the castle on their property and to pack and return the castle to the trailer afterwards. In these cases once the customer accepts the discount the customer understands and accepts that if the agreed help is not available when the bouncy castle is delivered the castle may not be unloaded (for lack of enough people to unload) and a fee of $50 will be charged to the customer. 


Please note that everyone using our Bouncy Castle does so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the hirer or hiring organisation to ensure that the Bouncy Castles are used correctly. The Hirer’s Obligations MUST be followed to protect the children and to protect our Bouncy Castles from damage.

Bouncy Monkeys disclaims any responsibility for any injuries or damages while the Bouncy Castle is in your care.

·         I understand that as the hirer I am responsible / liable for any damages caused by misuse or careless use.

·         By signing this disclaimer I understand and agree that I will adhere to the above terms and conditions.

·         I agree that if the  Bouncy Castle is returned in a dirty or stained condition I will pay the cleaning charge.

·         I will return all of the equipment in the same condition it was provided to me.

·         I agree that I will also be fully liable to pay for any lost or damaged equipment.



Deposit:           A  $50 deposit is payable for each Bouncy Castle when a booking is confirmed.

Balance:          The balance is payable upon delivery of the Bouncy Castle.

The balance can be paid by cash or by Internet Banking with your name as Reference.

Our Bank Account No:  Westpac 03-0355-0710140-00Reference: (Your last name)